Sunday, January 26, 2014

Serial Collage

Working in a series with four separate pieces of card the same size making collage/paintings with different papers and tapes and acrylic paint washes and various additive and subtractive techniques to explore the pictorial conventions of both frame and the space,  the absence/presence, assertion/negation of the image in layers that both accumulate/depreciate over time.   I am starting with complementary colours which are quite bright but expect these to become more muted, fade and leave tonal relationships and pale after-images over time. The examples below are just the beginning of the process - I plan to keep working on these four sheets (and to make more) - pushing the process as far as I can to see where it leads and photographing each stage. It may be that these 'collages' form the basis of 'trompe l oeil' oil paintings of paintings but they and the photographs are interesting for me in themselves as explorations or variations on a theme.   

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