Sunday, July 14, 2013

photomontage, collage and digital photography.

I am using a process of collage, photomontage, digital photography and a rectangular mount to frame compositions and investigate qualities of muted colour and tone, texture and the relationship between both 'picture' and 'frame'.

These variations on a theme of time and space play out small psychological dramas of memory and imagination that relate to the human body, history and art...........

It is difficult for me to establish in my own mind where in fact the actual 'picture' begins and ends since I suppose it includes the real frame and the space and context around it - including the format of the blog template and the frame of the computer screen when these photographs are uploaded.

I am interested in trying to both assert and negate the image by creating a simulated effect of time, decay and destruction.

These small collages can form the basis for further developments in trompe d' oeil painting - which of course changes everything. An oil painting of a torn photomontage is like a marble statue of flesh and folded cloth.

Usually the focus of the viewer's attention is the 'image' which is emphasised within the picture frame - I want the frame to be equally part of the image by painting it within the same shallow illusion of depth.

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