Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Painting, time's fugitive ?

oil painting on wood 30x40cms  -nearly finished 

and detail 

In attempting to capture and fix in the medium of oil paint, the appearance of other media, a fragile collage of torn paper fragments caught in flux and a photographic image, which is itself an attempt to capture the fleeting forms of life in mirrored shadows, the viewer is invited to engage in a discourse not only about the physical materiality of processes involving paint, paper, collage, photography and of how these are related to each other through mimesis, translation or as visual metaphors, but also to confront the true nature of pictorial illusions and realities, both inside and outside the frame, as well as to consider the nature of time and the transience of all material forms - including the image itself - time's fugitive. 
   Below two examples of Fayum Mummy Portraits from around first century BCE first century CE painted in an encuastic wax technique in a Greaco-Roman illussionistic style on panels inserted into mummy wrapping and cases for traditional Egyptian burials

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