Monday, November 18, 2013

The Fugitive Image.

Oil on Wood 30X40cm

Completed the third painting which is the left hand panel in the triptych below yesterday. By painting a triptych the theme of the image, the frame and picture, both present and absent, and the surface itself, which makes the image an object in a still-life can be explored with different nuances and shifts of emphasis across the format from left to right and right to left. The abstract rhythms of vertical, horizontal and diagonal movements and the repetition of rectangular and square shapes and spaces can resonate with each other like a musical counterpoint. It is interesting to me, working each day in the same position with the natural light from the window to my left how this and the collage itself creates quite different and subtle changes in the balance of tones and the relationship of colours within each painting, despite the fact that they have all been painted with only ultramarine blue, cadmium orange and white with occasionally a little yellow ochre. 

Triptych. Oil on Wood each panel 30x40cms


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