Monday, April 7, 2014

The Fugitive Image - Invitation 10th and 11th May

Alan Mitchell


Weekend Viewing


Saturday 10 May 18:00-21:00

Sunday 11 May 11:00-18:00

Hosted by

Kaoru Tashiro

Rue Louis Hap 50-B


This series of oil paintings, developed during a four month sabbatical from St. John’s International School, and painted on wood with surfaces built up from several layers of sanded gesso, is based on the direct observation of carefully prepared collages of torn paper that incorporate fragments of photographic imagery. Inspired by the tradition of trompe l’oeil, they explore the illusive and transitory nature of both the surface and the frame and the fugitive nature of both paper and image. Painting a series of frames inside frames I aim to invoke both the presence and the absence of the image simultaneously and challenge the viewer to examine pictorial conventions and representation in order to question the nature of real illusions and the illusory nature of reality.

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