Saturday, October 10, 2015

An Art of Emptiness?

So emptiness isn't getting rid of anything; its not total blankness, but an infinite potential for creation to arise and to pass without your being deluded by it. The idea of me as a creator, my artistic talents, expressing myself-it's an incredibly egotistical trip, isn't it ? "This is what I've done, this is mine". they say, "Oh, you're very skilled, aren't you? "You're a genius!" Yet so much of creative art tends to be regurgitations of people's fears and desires. It's not really creative; its just recreating things. It's not coming from an empty mind, but from an ego, which has no real message to give other than that it's full of death and selfishness. On a universal level is has no real message other than " Look at me!" as a person, as an ego. Yet the empty mind has infinite potential for creation. One doesn't think of creating things; but creation can be done with no self and nobody doing it - it happens. 

Mindfulness: The Path to the Deathless. The meditation teaching of Ajahn Sumedho 

 When painting, one should sit cross-legged with loosened clothing, as if no one were around. Only then will one hold the powers of metamorphoses in one's hand and the yuan- ch'i (primal breath) will abound. Unfettered by earlier masters, one will then be able to roam beyond the established rules. Shoup'ing inscribed 

Written on a landscape by Wang Hui ( 1632-1717)  in the style of Wang Meng ( d. 1385) ink on paper

Wang Hui Landscape, 1679.  Shanghai Museum

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