Sunday, June 11, 2017

Getting Plastered

With the sunny, dry and warmer spring weather conditions are right again for mixing lime plaster and I have been able to work on walls upstairs now that the ground floor is basically finished. Insulating  the loft and other roof spaces and plaster boarding the ceilings and partition walls is the main preoccupation inside at present. Over the summer we plan to fix the rest of the woodwork, including replacing the smaller damaged oak beams on the first floor with good reclaimed old oak and putting a new solid wood floor in the attic as well as fitting it's new window into the space that was bricked up. 

Hopefully we can also finish the walk-in wardrobe space off the main bedroom in the sloping cat-slide roof space where I have been opening up the bricked up door, the reading corner on the landing and the small bedroom. In a few days 'Aquastra' will strip, consolidate and repaint the facade with lime and when this is finished over the summer I will fix the putty on all the front windows, sand and paint them inside and out as well as tidy up and prepare the walls and ground in the small courtyard space at the back.

 The good thing is that downstairs the small fitted part of the kitchen is neatly finished in solid oak by P. to match the other fitted parts in the bathroom, hall and porch and all the tile skirting is now fixed so it is much less dusty. Now I need to fix the old brass handles which I found in the flea market to the doors and do some serious cleaning, polishing and painting to finish these spaces off.

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