Sunday, August 1, 2021



Travel these days, even for humanitarian reasons, requires that we submit to periods of enforced tests and isolation in order to conform to the legal requirements and protocols of the ongoing pandemic.  This is my re-worked version of Pope's delightful 'Ode on Solitude', supposedly written when he was only 12 years old. I bought this small battered leather volume in the photos from the labyrinthine Carnforth second hand book shop on a recent visit to Lancashire. 


After Alexander Pope by Alan Mitchell

Happy the one content to care

For his small plot of land, breathing

Mindfully on well-trod ground.


In winter warm, in summer cool,

Whose clothes and shelter,

Food and drink, are easily found.


Healthy body, healthy mind,

In peace and quiet, watching

Each moment pass contentedly.


Read and rest, work and play,

He meditates on his clean slate,

By day, sleeps well at night.  


Living anonymous, dying alone,

Unknown, leaving no trace, returns. 

Circle,  point,  infinity.


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