Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Serial collage 6 - final stage and drawing...

During the break I have finally managed to get one of the collages ready to work from and today started to work on the drawing stage from observation.  I want to balance the processes of building up and breaking down, of accretion and erosion, accumulation and dissipation, assertion and negation, positive and negative, form and space. 

I am surprised by just how much colour there really is in the subtle nuances of grey, brown, pale yellows, cream and white and how rich the tonal and warm/cool resonance can be. I really like the challenge of this muted palette and its quietness.  

The final collage above is slightly more three dimensional than the penultimate stage of the collage below and the white tape, torn paper and mounted edges help to create more shadow and  shallow relief.  

Also framed up three more in the series with 2cm deep box frames which make the painting feel like an object as well as a surface and also develop and extend the idea of the frame beyond the tromp l'oeil  paper edges and actual perimeter of wooden surface with its real shadow and into boundaries between  the actual frame and the wall.  

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