Friday, February 21, 2014

Reworking an old canvas with new energy....

Started today to rework this approx. 150x100 cms oil and charcoal on canvas painting in the art studio. I began painting it a couple of years ago and then left it to one side with the intention of returning to it sooner rather than later. It is quite strange picking it up again where I left off - its like meeting an old friend and continuing a conversation after many years as if it was only yesterday.  

The charcoal study below which I made recently has helped to rekindle interest and plot an approach to working on the central of the three spinal columns. I want to explore the relationship between these three curving columns of vertebrae  and the rhythms and patterns of the the rib cages and joints as they repeat. There is a fair bit of built up impasto in the central figure and transparent washes on the drawing in the two flanking forms which I would like to retain and also develop with further layers and super-impositions and counter rhythms. I don't quite know how it will all resolve yet - if it does at all this time around - but I want to keep the marks and paint fresh, alive and spontaneous - if this is possible with a skeleton !  


This is the state of play when I left off painting this afternoon.  

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