Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mapping Sound in Time and Musical Form in Space

I have started some experimental new work for F. based on a series of drawings I made some time ago  called 'mappings'. These were concerned with lines and shapes inspired by the patterns of fields on maps and archeological drawings, with overlapping, transparency and superimposition used to create depth. I plan to develop a series of geometric abstractions in layers of paint, applied using masking tape, that will explore a limited range within the colour spectrum focusing on complementary relationships and using colour and tone to create, balance, contrast, space and depth. 

The results of initial experiments (illustrated above) have, it seems, been influenced by another project I am working on this year in class with students called 'Drawing Sounds'. This is designed to explore the suggested relationships between the compositional structures and expressive sounds of music, existing in the dimension of time, and the various marks of different media used in drawing with visual elements like gestural lines, patterns, rhythms, shapes and colour etc which exist in the dimension of space. The project is based a programme of suggested works that pianist Kaoru Tashiro will play in a concert in school in January 2015, hopefully with some of the student's drawings projected in a stop motion animation.  We will explore the importance of music in the work of Kandinsky and Paul Klee as well as the idea of a language of pure abstraction and reference Klee's 'Pedagogical Sketchbook', Kandinsky's, 'Point and Line to Plane' and 'Sounds'.  

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