Sunday, September 21, 2014

Musical and visual composition - the sound of colours and shapes ?

The St John's 50th Anniversary golden wall and ceramic tile installation made with students explores the synthesis between the circle and the square, organic and geometric shapes, light and colour and the tactile and visual qualities of 'gold leaf'. 

This light hearted playfulness with the possibilities of the square 'frame' and grid continues to preoccupy me in class with various student projects and some of my own experiments. 

Continued to work on the series of geometric abstractions for F. and ended up with a cycle of six small paintings that seem to form a sequence and constitute a kind of hommage to Kazimir Malevich -appropriate perhaps as we are planning to visit the exhibition at Tate Modern on the London Art Trip in October. As I continue to develop this work I hope to be able to freely explore the colour spectrum and its various subtleties as well as the 'musical' relationships between various abstract elements of shape and form in space within each composition.

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